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prague / czech republic


Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

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czech republic

Cindy Kutíková is multidisciplinary designer and art director living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. She graduated in 2021 from the Atelier of Graphic Design & Visual Communication at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. Her work focuses on expanding and blurring the boundaries between graphic design and other craft or art disciplines such as fashion or glass, with an attention to the uniqueness of craftsmanship versus the digital world and reproducibility in graphic design. She splits her time between her graphic design work with clients within the cultural realm and running her fashion project called Cindy K. Mingling of passion for playful textiles and colors. All product are gently crafted in Czech Republic. Cindy is also part of the Permanent Office studio which is a multi-disciplinary design studio residing in Prague and formed by Cindy Kutíková, Jiří Mocek and Daniel Šmíra. Her focus mostly lies on visual identities for fashion designers, visual communication and art direction, web design and also textile and fashion design.

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