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Hi, I'm Mitali Gupta. I'm the founder of Chalo, a homegrown cowboy boot brand for women. Chalo transforms traditional cowboy boots to simple and modern designed boots for you on the go. We work with a family-owned factory that has specialized in cowboy craft for over 25 years, tans its own leathers, and supports our small batch collections.

We launched Chalo earlier in the year and are so grateful for the support and love we've received. Recently, we found ourselves featured in A Thing Or Two (a female-led newsletter that delivers the top ten things the founders are most excited about every week – from books, to recipes, to products that elevate the everyday), the Impact Hub Network (a global network of changemakers, entrepreneurs, and innovators collaborating on topics that are at the forefront of social impact and development today), and Zuri (a female-led brand based out of NY and Kenya).

I have 10+ years of experience in product innovation and strategy. I’ve led innovation, product design, and strategic brand initiatives in food services, finance, technology, and fashion. I've helped organizations, underserved businesses, and emerging market economies make innovation mainstream and become a driver for change. My experience is rooted in market research, ideation and design thinking, concept development, program management, and user experience.

I have also facilitated The Impact Hub Meet The Innovator Series to support entrepreneurs and change makers, and connect the impact community on topics that are at the forefront of social impact today.

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