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estonian academy of arts

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Anu Sirkas is an Estonian fashion designer focusing on knitwear. Her namesake label was launched in 2022, and her knitwear is sold on the web shop:

Anu Sirkas acquired a Bachelor's degree in Technical Design and Technology of Apparel at Tallinn University of Technology in 2016, and a Master's degree in Textile Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2019. As an exchange student, she spent one year in Borås, Sweden (2015-2016) and half a year in Bangkok, Thailand (2018). Anu completed internships at an Italian fashion studio in Germany (2018) and a knitting company in the Netherlands (2019-2020). In Estonia, she went on internships in various fashion companies and worked as a designer's assistant. She has presented four knitwear collections at multiple fashion shows in Estonia, such as Omamood, Antonius, and Erki.

Considering the ecological footprint of the fashion industry, it's crucial to approach the creation process thoughtfully. Alongside practicality and aesthetics, Anu aims to give the garments a deeper meaning by adding a story to each pattern. She has personally drawn all the artworks into knitting patterns, which transforms each product into wearable art. For inspiration, she keeps an open mind about her surroundings. Nature is her primary source of ideas, as it simply brings peace and a good feeling.

As quality is essential, only high-quality, natural 100% merino wool has been used. This material is breathable and comfortable for the skin. The products are made in a zero-waste method and sold on a made-to-order basis. This approach avoids waste and excess inventory.

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