aka jewellery

Black Sheep


brooklyn / united states


vilnius academy of arts

Main Manufacturing Countries

united states

aka jewellery is a contemporary handmade brand by designer Ausra Bankauskaite in New York, USA.
works combine functional geometry and constructive minimalism jewellery made from luxurious materials.
‘aka jewellery’ is a studio and brand based on two concepts: -
structure (the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements
of something complex) and functionality (the quality of being suited to serve
a purpose well) which combine to
create minimal aesthetic forms. Essential to aka jewelry
is the idea of harmony
with the human body:
the jewelry must not
disturb the line of the body, instead working
with the human form to enhance and extend its aesthetic lines.
The most minimal details have
a maximum function.
The result is an immaculate, non-iterative design
that functions as an object when not worn, like a small architectural sculpture.
Each aka design
is crafted by hand in studio in Brooklyn, NY,
not from a mold or mass produced-, ensuring not only
a sustainable business model, but also quality pieces made for years of wear.


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