Path's 'PRESENCE' expresses a rule breaking reinvention of modern menswear by presenting a radically different image of masculinity. Path's signature aesthetic reaches a new level of sophistication mixed with an individual masculine strength. The brand takes influences from both, rebellious youth cultures, music and art on the one hand and traditional menswear on the other mixed with functional details taken from sportswear to create unique, innovative pieces of high fashion. The designs are constantly looking for the now and tomorrow, the classic and the contemporary, the future and the past. Precise simplicity comes together with refined cuts, high quality of material and outstanding craftsmanship. The look presented by path is both inspired by and designed for confident individuals. Path's garments are contrastive. Serious, but never severe, meticulous but experimental, minimal but bold, soft but constructed. Path appears strong but always sensual. In typical the path style, colour was left to a minimum, with a palate of mainly neutral black, an eye-catching light green, khaki and a dark red was added to the collection. Complete with light layers, transparent shirts, modern suits and graphical monochrome prints, all seamlessly comes together as a delightful impact.


About the Designer

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Janine is based in Beijing, China. She studied at ESMOD Berlin and graduated in 2007. Her collections are produced in China.

German label PATH, the creation by female designer Janine Grosche, based in Beijing, expresses a rule breaking reinvention of modern menswear by presenting a radically different image of masculinity. PATH creates an archetype of a modern man.
The SS'14 collection 'PRESENCE' is a hybrid between classic tailoring and contemporary fashion with a futuristic, experimental and innovative approach. A collection of beautiful contrasts. With a base of pure white, the collection is focused on enhancing the male figure by using clean and simplistic line cuts and semi- loose oversized silhouettes. Digital printed wearable art and contemporary fashion, the collections exceptional pieces come together with a vibrant take on sportswear. Ranging from slightly oversized printed sweaters, shorts and bombers jackets, the label transcends the line between avant-garde and wearable fashion.
Serious, but never severe, minimal but bold, soft but constructed. PATH appears strong but always sensual.
Known for Janine's minimalist aesthetic, the SS'14 collection appears conceptual and different in it's forward thinking, visionary and innovative design for the modern man.
PATH SS'14 collection is recently selling in curated concept stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Dubai, as well worlwide online.
PATH designs quickly captured the attention of the international press in summer of 2013, when the US actor, rapper Jaden Smith wore PATH originals in several press photos that went viral.