Black Sheep


beijing / china


esmod berlin - international university of arts for fashion

Graduation year


PATH is a contemporary and progressive menswear brand by German designer Janine
Grosche that represents a new era of masculinity, reinterpreting men’s fashion by gradually challenging the boundaries and traditional concepts.

Originally from Germany with a base now in Beijing, China, Janine’s radically different
image of the East-meets-West aesthetic influences her uniquely experimental approach that restlessly challenges materials, construction, and expectations.

The look presented by PATH is both, inspired by and designed for confident individuals.
Janine’s composition of a new hybrid between sportswear and tailoring sets a visionary and liberating tone with standout creations designed to make the wearer feel powerfully different.

Forever scanning the horizon for innovative approaches, Janine’s distinctive explorations of aesthetics have seen her develop a unique body of ready-to-wear men’s fashion, constantly pushing the borders further.

The message: Move forward, dare to be different.

Showing no signs of slowing down, PATH’s fearless collections have garnered an international media attention with mentions in Vogue Italy, Hunger Magazine, Highsnobiety, Ignant Magazine, etc and have been worn in the past by names such as Jaden Smith.