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Santiago De Chile / chile

Zurda is a Chilean brand created by María Paz Cuadra in 2014 with the intent of spreading Chile’s identity through pieces of contemporary jewelry. 
Every piece is 100% handmade by Maria Paz and her team- together they gather materials, design, and produce every collection always focusing on sustainability. Cuadra’s goal is to offer unique objects that tell a story and stand out for their craftmanship. 
Zurda is known for experimenting and incorporating non-traditional materials. Zurda speaks from the other side of jewelry. 
The brand questions the present and proposes a new way of looking at and valuing jewelry- with a deep respect for the materials, nature, the process of transformation.  These materials include coal from Patagonia, dust from the Atacama desert, and salvaged silver.  This artist seeks to add value to often underused matter. Her idea is to reevaluate the concept of value itself. 
As far back as she can remember, Maria Paz has made all kinds of jewelry.  Today, in her studio located in Santiago de Chile, Maria Paz is dedicated to creating pieces for people who want to express themselves through what they wear.

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