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A pale view of land stretches far, set firmly in place across the horizon with the unyielding certainty of the past. Coarse and eerie, this is the place where ZSIGMOND DORA menswear emerged from in 2014. Having grown up in rural Hungary, the designer, Dora traces the shape of this landscape and its people in each of her creations. Through her REMADE line of sustainable garments, the quiet force of Hungarian folklore lives on in repurposed, plant-dyed fabrics, some almost a century old. With each collection, the application of traditional craft techniques and timeworn fabrics carries the past into the future: this is how Dora preserves rural traditions in an urban world. Modern, industrial silhouettes are met with handcrafted details, and the fragile beauty of embroidery, latch hooking, macramé, knitting and plant-dying are transformed into something more visceral. Stories are told through fabrics as resilient as our heritage: waxed cotton, organic linen, tapestry, double gauze, ramie, PE fabrics recycled from PET bottles, 60-year-old hand-woven canvasses.

With sustainability at its core, ZSIGMOND DORA menswear focuses mostly on made-to-order pieces to avoid the piling of superfluous stock, thus further contributing to the overconsumption of our society. Each creation is eco-consciously and ethically produced in Hungary with fabrics purchased from transparent, qualified European manufacturers. Utilizing the “dead stock” materials of luxury brands and employing the technological innovations in recycling help us to use what we already have in the world for creating something new with lasting value.

ZSIGMOND DORA menswear’s mission is to craft enduring, timeless garments that pave the path of the future with the heritage of the past.

Inhale the past, exhale the future.


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