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ZSIGMOND DORA menswear is a raw fashion brand based in Budapest, Hungary.

The designer is a young creator, Dora, who grew up in a small village and now lives in the capital, Budapest. Both the countryside and the urban lifestyle have an enormous effect on the designer’s work.

The brand's style is characterized by clean, modern, square silhouettes and a fresh spin on traditional craftsmanship. The garments carry the marks of practicality and unique, personalized artisan techniques, both in use of material and in signature lines. The pieces are sleek and functional, and in their structures, both the trendsetting freshness of contemporary Japanese streetwear and the strict, rigid code of authentic Hungarian menswear are present.

Dora draws inspiration form unique characters, individuality, everyday situations, topics concerning sociographic problems, series, films, exhibitions, books, songs. Life itself. The borders between reality and imagination and their limitless facilities bring her the most motivation.

The essence of ZSIGMOND DORA menswear brand is based on the dual energies of tradition and modernity. This playful tensity gives the dynamics of each piece which are created with care and from high quality materials. The fine materials, raw fabrics and traditional techniques make the pieces feel like home, while the contemporary designs bring you back to the city lifestyle. Our main goal is to create a personal relationship between the products and the wearer with the outfits. We believe that our customers find a particular kind of nostalgia in their products, a kind of homely comfort and security, which provides a base point in our constantly changing environment.

Handcrafted by local people in the village Dora grew up in. The brand’s collections carry the values of ethical fashion. Dora deals with the traditional handicraft techniques herself, and the image pieces are produced following the principles of recycling.

We dedicate our pieces for those progressive thinkers who interested in fashion, culture and contemporary arts. Who seek to see the difference in our world views and seek to meet with different visions.

Visit the brand's official website ! www.zsigmonddoramenswear.com

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