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rijeka / croatia


University of Zagreb/Faculty of Textile Technology

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Zoe's story began in early 2012, when I was fresh out of college (Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Croatia) and realized that I don't want to have a boss! (and/or work 9 - 5 shifts in some office and not express myself creatively)

At that time it seemed like an outrageous idea but I quickly overcame my fears and decided I'll do what I love, and it has to work! :) I had the support of my family and closest friends and thought I can't fail.
But after months and months of hard work, searching for the perfect materials, printing and sewing options and a million of disappointments I was ready to let go of my dreams. I wasn't satisfied with the final product and it seemed so hard (and expensive!) to produce leggings that are somehow different and unique and yet fit the high quality standards I've put upon myself.

As a child I started practicing Tae Kwon Do and in my teens I really gotten in to it and became very successful. I was traveling a lot, training hard and was on the way to become a professional athlete. Unfortunately a series of injuries held me back and after almost 4 years of recoveries and a lot of suffered pain I've decided to close that chapter.
I was so sad, knowing that a big part of my life is now the past but now I know it all happened for a reason. Tae Kwon Do made me stronger and taught me not to give up easily - and also - hard work equals good results.

That was my inspiration, not to quit on my dreams and work harder. And then it all happened so fast. In a single week I managed to discover the perfect material for my leggings and a great print studio that was willing to cooperate with me. The first results were amazing! I was finally able to do what I love and share it with others. I organized a team filled with exceptional professionals (fashion photographer, beauty and hair stylist and production designers) for whom I knew they would adequately represent the essence of my vision for Zoe.

I think it is very important that all Zoe products are made of a material which I am very pleased with. This material is a perfect combination of spandex and polyester and I found it in Italy after (as mentioned) a long search. It stretches, but at the same time it is firm, which is particularly important, and is warm enough for the cold winter days. Also I found an excellent print studio where my designs are printed in the very fiber of the material, which gives the leggings even more quality. Of course it is all spiced up with a lot of creativity and love!

I honestly believe if anybody does what they love, and invest their time and hard work in to it - they can become successful. I produce and design my leggings with a lot of passion and I'm sure that all of my customers recognize that.

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