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ZMAI successories is a brand of women’s bags created by Slovenian designer Neli Štrukelj. Neli has been working in a variety of different fields of fashion before she discovered her creative calling to design high-end exclusive bags in 2015.

As a daughter of an engineer Neli has been always trying to find the best technical solutions and solve problems. With a strong passion for innovations, Neli creates bags that differentiate them from others by their unique appearance. Their recognizable 3D texture is achieved with a process known as a digital handcraft - combining the laser cut technology with hand-stitching the modules. She is always motivated by looking for new ways of doing things and creating multifunctional and versatile clothing and accessories. Designed with an understanding of the needs of the contemporary urban lifestyle by offering you a perfect blend between thoughtful functionality and outstanding design.

Neli is the first Slovenian fashion designer to enter the finals of the American “Independent Handbag Designer Awards”, a competition in the category Best Green Handbag. As a member of SOTO society, she received the “Elle Style Awards”. The most important award for the fashion achievements in 2016 was received by SOTO Society for the Slovene textile and fashion design exhibition named “Made in Slovenia”.

Brand ZMAI (meaning “a dragon” in Slovenian language”) is inspired by the powerful symbolism of the dragon that signifies power, strength, and good fortune. The innovative handbags are created with respectful appreciation towards traditional craftsmanship, passionate attention to detail and visionary pursuit of innovative ideas.

At our core, we are an innovation driven sustainable brand. We value zero waste, earth-friendly materials and people-friendly design. We do not compromise on beauty in order to be kind to nature. We do not compromise on functionality in order to look good. And we do not compromise on quality in order to be versatile. We are part of a tribe that loves being surrounded by and dressed in the beauty that is born out of values, not vanity.

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