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Ziran is led by Kelly Wang Shanahan. Kelly was raised by two Philosophers in the beach suburb of Southbay, Los Angeles. She is half-Chinese and half-Irish and spent her formative years at the beach, thrifting, and traveling to China.

Kelly holds three degrees: a BA in Chinese Studies from UCSD, AA in Fashion Design from FIDM, and a MBA in Entrepreneurship from LMU.

While researching her undergraduate thesis, she discovered "xiang yun sha" silk. Completely enraptured she decided to start a line based around this emblem of cultural and environmental heritage.

THE ZIRAN MISSION: to weave tradition into the modern world and lead a new generation to live natural, spontaneous and free.

We believe in the preservation of cultural heritage and traditional production methods. We aim to break the cycle of consumption and disposal in the fashion industry. The shift to “slow” sustainable fashion is a necessary one that we are proud to be a part of. We do this by using xiang yun sha silk, which is completely sustainable and has been made in small batches with only natural ingredients for the past 500 years. The end result from this ancient hand crafted method is luxury silk that has unique properties unlike anything else in this world. This silk is the physical embodiment of the meaning of Ziran: natural, spontaneous and free.

Our products use these ancient techniques in the form of modern silhouettes for those who believe in what we believe.

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