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University of Bristol

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Zevar, a new start up, specialising in hand made sterling silver jewellery.

Zevar’s founder and creative director – Shivani S. Mohinta is a Londoner and her brand is a tribute to her home country – India, along with it’s beautiful flora, fauna, forts and palaces. Shivani works closely with a select group of artisans in Indian villages to create her pieces.

Zevar showcases the finest traditions of Indian craftsmanship such as the “Kundan” enamel work of Rajasthan, temple deity inspired designs from Southern India and Buddhist influences from Tibet. Zevar’s jewellery is crafted using traditional Indian methods of setting and enamelling and promises to offer new, colourful and exquisite designs to the UK high street market.

Zevar’s logo, a peacock, also finds its way into several pieces, including the signature piece – a beautiful pair of peacock earrings with white shell droplets. Peacocks are a popular subject for Indian artisans for paintings, sculpture and jewellery due to their graceful figure and colourful plumage.
The peacock is a symbol of grace, poise and colour - attributes that are central to Zevar's designs. Shivani was also clear from the start that Zevar's branding should honestly and proudly reflect the origins of the product and the peacock is a tribute to country and culture that inspires her jewellery.

Zevar's jewellery is inspired by the vibrant colours that are used in Indian folk art, colourful Indian textiles and prints, and hand painted tiles and pottery. The colors are those of nature - the rich blues of turquoise and lapis lazuli, the glowing reds of carnelian and coral, the creamy whites of pearl and bone, and the toasty warm hues of amber and horn.

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