Grey Sheep


vilnius / lithuania

Creativity was a constant companion in ‘Zefyras’ founder Viktorias’ life. It all started from accessories: at first, a tiny box of jewelry tools, followed by a work table, followed by a room dedicated to her crafts, while eventually expanding into a design studio where all the ‘Zefyras’ fashion magic happens. As the space expanded, so did the team - with more and more like-minded creatives joining an adventure in sincere fashion craftsmanship.
‘Zefyras’ stands out with their passion and attention to each customer. Here, no item of clothing is the same, instead, each piece is adapted to the customer. It’s like a confessional - you confess to loving something designed by ‘Zefyras’ and they adapt it to your unique figure, mood, color preferences and if possible, even involve you in the creation process. This makes the pieces so much more special, instilling pride in unique items they pitched-in to create.
Zefyras say, that their studio is a subjectively understood house of design. "We strive to tell our customers stories through the garments we create, accenting their strengths, giving them what they were missing to truly love themselves and be confident." {|}

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