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Mohammad Amin Pour Eskandarian was born in October 1990
in Tehran. He is a BA-holder in French translation, and he has passed different courses of fashion design at different levels.
His interest in fashion design and style was noticeable in his childhood at the age of about 9 years old, He started learning and styling, especially in the field of women's clothing from that age.
Due to his family background and business, He entered the family business of selling glasses at the age of 15, but He was still busy gaining knowledge and trial and error in his own favorite business, designing and sewing; finally, He established Zar Douz brand in 2015.
Fondness for dance and nature can be seen in all aspects of Zar Douz.
In his opinion, Zar Douz is a happy, polite and literate gypsy teenager, and a combination of good old events and today’s needs can be seen in it.
He hopes that Him, as a designer, can present his ideas to everyone beautifully.

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