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Think Hair differently
Zapota Hair LTD is a London based premium hair brand company built around the concept of redefining hair. Making hair a fashion accessory. We supply premium quality human hair and synthetic extensions pieces for a variety of creative projects such as hair installations and displays.

Hair designs like no others ...
We craft a collection of trendy and inventive hair accessories with a focus on quality materials and clean designs. Our products have been featured in Vogue, Schon and nowness amongst other magazines. We monitor our supply chain to ensure that the hair is obtained from ethical and non-exploitative sources.

We offer creative hair accessories. Our brand DNA and our signature: A line between daring and modernity. Zapota hair is distributed in Europe and USA.

"Our aim is to use the latest styling techniques. We work with creative teams which always pushes the boundaries by styling hair in energising and imaginative new ways"Azi Essie – Co-Founder and Hair Accessories Designer at Zapota Hair

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