Grey Sheep


elche / spain


ceade leonardo de sevilla

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Yvan Andreu’s fashion brand born in 2014 after his fashion studies in Alicante and Seville, achieve his personal style to different Fashion Events in Spain and some European cities.

All his life is linked to design in his family, he join in every collection fur, leather,and some new materiales, and also an investigation with new techniques, like 3D pattern.

His life, his family and personal influences, music, art and emotions are be part of every collection´s idealization.

He looks for a futuristic fashion, based on minimalism, straights and clear lines, cloth superpositions, and uses volumes for develop the concept to the maximum expression.

Geometric is fuse to organics and fluids for create clothing who brings the brand´s essence and the wide creative process.

Psychedelic, Japanese anime and current decadent line makes of his brand a conceptual fashion;

“Fashion For Unconscious Mind”