Black Sheep


london / bulgaria


university of the arts, london

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YVAILO - a bold fashion brand with vivid storylines and daring collections that surprise every season. We know what we do – standout products with standout stories. Such that provoke women to dress up or dress down. Conscious designer clothing, sleek and feminine that fits and feels a bit naughty, yet stylishly fun.

A #FEELINGHAPPY no to fur and leather - they are left where they belong, on their owners. Fashion can have a much deeper meaning than just vanity. Clothes can bring more feel-good-on-the-skin emotions. Such emotions can be passed on to our wildlife.

We think globally, but we dress the individuals, those brave enough to stand out from the fashion masses. The ones who believe firmly in the new fashion as we do. Because brands of the future no longer speak with the products offered. Neither with the promoted lifestyle. It is with the values they stand firmly behind. Because luxury is the possibility to think brightly about the future without sacrificing the present.

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