Yulia Yadryshnikova

Black Sheep


madrid / spain


ied madrid - istituto europeo di design

Graduation year


Yulia was born in Moscow.

After she had received a degree in economics in Moscow, she moved to Madrid where she studied Fashion Communication at IED Madrid and then Industrial Pattern Making at La Escuela de Diseño y Moda Goymar.

She works as a designer / pattern maker for her own brand and also collaborate with product designers, artists and musicians.

Her interest in architecture and contemporary dance has influenced her approach to the creative process: first the silhouette comes along with the initial vision while all specific lines and details appear at later stages during the process of experimentation with garment patterns and work with fabric.

Yulia Yadryshnikova's collections are built around the construction of clean forms, refined lines and minimal silhouettes, or to put it briefly, in clean-cut aesthetics.

Creating possibility for transformation is a central concept behind Yulia's design, both in terms of practicality and personality. Each of her collections includes one or more transformative pieces which customers may decide how to wear or transform it.

Merging functionality with contemporary femininity, Yulia aims to provide woman with confidence and comfort to express individuality on her own accord giving her a freedom to be – or pretend to be – more naïve or enigmatic, a bit eccentric or daring, ironic or sentimental.

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