Yuka & Tristan

Black Sheep


auckland / new zealand


auckland university of technology

Graduation year


Yuka&Tristan™ is a fashion label for womenswear, created and crafted by Yuka and Tristan O'shannessy. Founded in 2011 as an effort to raise funds for the dual devastating earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan.

The labels aesthetic sensibilities combine often irregular, angled pieces with draped, distinctive forms. Their work is beautifully minimal and enduring yet has a playful nature, with trade-mark versatility - most pieces that can be worn in any number of ways, inside-out, back-to-front even upside-down allowing endless discoveries and enjoyment for the wearer. All crafted with carefully selected quality fabrics from around the world and made with love in New Zealand. Founded in 2011, Auckland / Tokyo

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