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london / United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

Yu Stepanel jewellery is made by hand and to order which means no waste as in a big batch production.

The artisan method of production means the possibility of recycling waste metal as much as possible, as little chemicals as possible and lower energy usage.

The «Ю» premium cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.

And by its setup, the brand supports the slow fashion movement and encourages my customers to buy less but better. Jewellery pieces labelled «Ю» are made to last: only noble materials are used.

Yu Stepanel is an independent jewellery brand founded in London and based in Barcelona. The jewellery labelled «Ю» is made to be worn. Yu Stepanel is dedicated to the slow fashion movement, with all pieces hand made with attention to the shape, structure, form and texture, using warm honest materials like silver, gold, gemstones, wood.

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