Yousra Razine Mahrah

Grey Sheep



Gemeente Utrecht / The Netherlands


ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem

Graduation year


Yousra Razine Mahrah: Moroccan-Dutch Fashion Designer

Born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 1997, Yousra Razine Mahrah is a Moroccan-Dutch fashion designer whose LOVE for fashion ignited at an early age. Yousra's childhood was marked by her fascination with fashion. She spent countless hours sketching clothing designs and crafting her own outfits for school, foreshadowing a promising career in the world of style.

After completing her secondary education with a focus on graphic media, Yousra's determination to pursue her fashion dream led her to enroll in a fashion and tailoring program. This experience honed her skills in garment construction and textile manipulation, providing a solid technical foundation for her future endeavors.

However, Yousra's journey was far from over. At 20 years old, she took a step forward by enrolling in the prestigious fashion academy ArtEZ in Arnhem, known for nurturing top talents in the industry.

During her time at the academy, Yousra embarked on a project: her bachelor collection titled "K*TMAROKKAAN." This collection bore witness to her unique perspective on fashion, blending diverse cultural influences and personal experiences into each meticulously crafted piece. Yousra's designs earned acclaim for their innovative approach, incorporation of traditional elements from her Moroccan heritage and combining contradicting elements, worlds and materials. Her dedication to pushing boundaries and reshaping the fashion landscape continues to drive her forward.

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