Youasme Measyou

Black Sheep


amsterdam / netherlands


artez university of art and design arnhem

Graduation year


The labels YOUASME MEASYOU reflect a social conscience, celebrating the art of sharing. The name suggests inclusiveness rather that exclusivity. This focus on what binds people is not only visible in the interchangeable designs of our labels youasme (female) and measyou (male); being the world’s first crowd-funded fashion brand stimulates a close connection between designer, manufacturer and customer. Our approach allows the joining of forces and investing in a common belief: that of producing high quality pieces which are made to last.

YOUASME MEASYOU encompasses more than our two fashion labels. It involves a specific way of approaching the world around us. Through innovative design -which is visible in our garments as well as in our ways of communicating - we keep evolving. Keen to explore innovative technology and media we always aim to find new ways to interact and inspire.

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