Grey Sheep



tokyo / japan


vantan design institute

Graduation year


Fashion Designers produce the vogue. So not ride to fashion. I want a lot of people to wear my clothes . I want many people to try even if you thought it would not look good for you. I'll be so happy if you find a thing which you like after your try. Yohji Yanagisawa's clothes will complete when people wear that. That is clothes which is only one, even if there are many clothes, and even if they have lots of mass production's clothes. Because… Nobody has same figure as other people. Which part will extend or which part will wrinkle. It's depends on person. I think It is going to be completed after a year? or three years? or five years? That clothes will get dirty and will be scratched. But that is the most beautiful moment at all one's life, and that will seems better than you bought. And also that might looks great on you.

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