Y.ld by Dora Mojzes

Black Sheep



budapest / hungary


moholy-nagy university of art and design

Graduation year


Y.ld is a wordplay on “wild” and we pronounce it the same way.

Dora Mojzes first broke the surface in 2008 with her graduation work for Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Hungary, when she earned the prize of the Hungarian Artists' National Association.
In 2009 she launched her individual brand named Dora Mojzes .
“My aim is to create garments reflecting the style, the emotions and the attitude of the individual.
I considers my garments the tool of artistic self-expression.In all of my plans feminity is focused.I am a true born Alien fan , the sci-fi and futuristic things always affected me. Most of the time i have rock music playing in the background and I have found that has a huge influence on my work and the garments I create. Creating a vision that encapsulates the music, the science fiction literature and my garments is my ultimate manifesto.”

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