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My name is Kseniia and everytime of my life i love fashion. One day in 2017 I breathed in a piece of courage and just decided to start my clothing and brand.
I was born on Far East and this 8 hours by plane from Moscow. Because of this it was hard to find and buy the thing that you love. In childhood I asked my mother to sew me a dress and tried to do this for my dolls.
I moved to another bigger city to get education, after this I moved to millionaire city, where very simple to buy. But i wanted to create mine. And now I started.
I have technical and economics educations and used to work on TV as a host of program about fashion. I traveled a lot and all of this became steps for creation of YES!NAME.
I think its doesn't matter if you don't have any special education or background because you can be anyone wherever you want you just need to try and believe. But everytime you have name, and everything has name. This is truly important.

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