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budapest / hungary

Xthismo is a Budapest-based designer label floated by two sisters. Our fashion career reaches back to 1998 when we had an opportunity to run a small shop in central Budapest, where we put our first collection on the market. At that time our designs were more eclectic, with a mix of many colours and fabrics. However, over time we realized that comfort and every day wear mixed with creativity was closer to our aim. Since then our label has grown into a wide collection, including bags and accessories.

Our work reflects experimental spirit, integrating classic style with unique, contemporary, artistic elements, while using lines from everyday street fashion. We strive to create easy-to-wear clothes of long-lasting quality and functionality. Our label also acknowledges some current trends, while still keeping to its originality.
We do not like to categorize our collections into fixed ages, nor to fixed styles. Our designs are made for individuals, people who like to stand out from the crowd.