Black Sheep


taipei / taiwan


shih chien university

Graduation year


The name XIWI is a chosen transliteration of the designer’s Chinese name which holds special significance for him in his personal exploration of art and fashion. XIWI became the foundation for a brand concept embodying the designer’s worldview and stance on fashion. A careful and interested observer of the ways in which modern men and women respond to the fluctuations of culture and society, XIWI integrates a sharp social awareness into the designs of every season. He’s firm in his belief that dressing up is more than enhancing appearances, it’s a reflection of the world reality and an opportunity to explore our relationship with that reality. Raw, untouched edges and distressed fabric are very present in XIWI’s work. Almost no delineation is made between men’s and women’s designs. Cuts are diverse, each one uniquely creative and meaningful; careful draping emphasizes the large pieces of material used and the silhouette of the body underneath. Since its establishment in 2012, the brand has released 5 collections. These can now be purchased at more than ten select stores for example in Taipei, Taichung, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Beijing and also available through on-line retailers.


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