Xander G

Black Sheep




LPTB Susan Budihardjo

Graduation year


Weda Githa has graduated from Susan Budihardjo Surabaya fashion course in 2005. He graduated with awards of the best student and designer. He launched his first fashion line WEDA GITHA in 2006. This first line is for private project couture, especially in wedding outfits. Then in 2009, He launched his second fashion line XANDER G. This is for ready to wear apparel. Androgynous is the signature style of this fashion line. Beside active runs his fashion project work, he also active becoming a fashion tutor in many fashion schools in Bali. He has been teaching for almost 9 years such as in Susan Budihardjo Bali (2005-2010), Sekolah Desain Bali (2006-2012), and now he becomes one of the tutor in Angeliqa Wu Fashion Design Course. At this time he continues his study in art and design at Indonesian Institute of the Art Denpasar. He joined APPMI Bali In 2013.

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