Wood House

Black Sheep


seoul / south korea

My name is Julian Eugene Woodhouse and I am the cre
ative director for WOOD HOUSE. My
journey in the vibrant and multi-tiered world of fa
shion started during my time in primary
school. At the age of fourteen I began my professio
nal career in fashion with illustration. I was
very young at the time and had no experience in the
industry but I naturally gravitated towards
it and by the time I finished my first women's coll
ection in 2005 I was standing in front of my
first internship offer in New York. I lived in Colo
rado at the time, and my parents, unaware of
how desperately I wanted fashion to become a realit
y for me in my career, denied me the rare
opportunity. I kept my dream alive and continued to
sketch, paint, draw, and photograph all
things I felt were fashion. Before it was a career
path it was an art, an obsession with aesthetics
manifested on the body. After leaving home for an e
ducation in International Business at
university, I found the freedom to take on more of
a reserved roll in the industry and add to the
depth of my taste in art through dance. The distanc
e created in me a thirst. A yearning.
I balanced ballet training, choreography, artistic
direction of my university's performing arts
program, a full time major/bi-minor curriculum, and
a retail job all the while trying to find
myself. Dance fed me, but it did not sustain me. Wh
en I graduated university I took up
freelance styling with freelance and professional a
gency models. Before I knew it I was
developing a brand of myself and also a small prese
nce in the industry.
After moving to Korea and working in the industry t
here as a professional stylist and model. It
was there that, through my friends, I again felt th
e strong need to create.
WOOD HOUSE is a dwelling that houses the full spect
rum of my desire. One of these complex
and deeply seated desires is for men to always feel
their best. I desire to see men dressed in
ways that expresses their creativity without sacrif
icing their masculinity. The idea of masculinity
has taken centuries to develop. The full depths of
masculinity: how it is developed, maintained,
and the irreplaceable roll it plays in the lives of
men and women is something we have
increasingly educated ourselves to understand. Afte
r living sometime, interacting with men on
a personal and professional level, the two quintess
ential elements to this complex idea of
masculinity are strength and security. A man feels
his strongest and most secure when he also
feels his masculinity is intact. This to me is a be
autiful thing. When paired with femininity,
masculinity finds its place and harmoniously intera
cts with its counterpart in a way that lays the
social, political and thus economic foundation of s
ocieties around the world.


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