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Woocoon is newly established clothing brand founded by Latvian designer Baiba Redere. Graduate in arts of fashion and textile with master's degree in painting. Synthesis of various interesting experiences enables her to develop unique sound for the new clothing brand.
All Woocoon products consist only from natural raw materials - of wool and silks that also formed the name for the brand.
Wool - wool Cocoon - silk cocoon.
Woocoon is sustainable, environmentally and eco-friendly fashion design with high level of artistic quality. Each garment is unique and hand made.
Woocoon designs are created using nuno felting technique and its handwriting is close to those of northern temperament having maximum respect for the natural beauty, organic shapes and colors.
Silk fabrics are dyed with plants (with the exception of industrial black) thus reaching ascetic and natural colour gamut.
In turn felting technique, where silks and wool are connected using pure water, natural SOAP and human hand job energy and it all together creates unique gown texture, which then is our trump.
Majority of Woocoon gowns can be worn from both sides. Clothing is gentle, light, warm and ecological. Silk dresses are airy and sensual.

Why Woocoon?
Unrepeatable and unique design products what are made from natural materials.
Our clothing wearers are courageous women who are looking for new and unusual to highlight their femininity, individuality and natural beauty.
Like the sun and the moon, as cold and hot, as male and female so is wool and silks are demonstrating its most excellent characteristics in right and in the other side of clothing, joining together and becoming as one whole.

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