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Wisharawish Akarasantisook
Hailing from the Northeastern province of Buriram, Wisharawish Akarasantisook rises to become one of Thailand’s most promising young designers in early 2010s. Amidst the wave of heavy-budgeted fashion stellars,
Wisharawish’s approach to design remains utmost fundamental – more a form of self expression than business,
and rather a creative exploration than a career. He contemplates the abstract, and extracts its very essence
into the material form through technical experiment, the latter at times becoming the main narrative of his fashion design.

Championing technical mastery, immaculate handicrafts and intricate details on pattern, Wisharawish plays with repetition of forms and geometric shapes. His expressive design oeuvre that engages the viewers’ reaction is an aftermath of his background in dramatic arts. Wisharawish’s collections are a dialogue between designer and his clothes, and then between the clothes and their viewers. Fashion becomes a narrative, and a platform for all involved
to share their interpretations and understandings.

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