Wires Glasses

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


design academy eindhoven

Graduation year


My work is the product of combining technologies based on traditional wire crafting with 3D printing. As a young designer, I was experimenting with how far I could simplify a frame of glasses and make the most of the technology used. In 2016, I made my first pair by hand from a single piece of wire after needing some sunglasses on holiday. I was joined in the design project by my close friend Lily Cole, the English supermodel and social entrepreneur, who has shaped the creative direction of Wires since the start.

The first collection of frames were handcrafted in Zimbabwe, where one of my co-founders was born. The tradition of wirecraft continues for the capsule SS18 collection which sees stainless steel frames manufactured with cylindrical precision in The Dolomites, at the heart of Italy’s eyewear industry. The glasses features invisible patented hinges which fold as a result of geometry, not screws. A second innovation - Wires Rims - demonstrates my commitment to sustainable design. Wires Rims, also patented, is our modular approach to eyewear where the lens rims can be switched on the frames to change the look without needing to buy a new pair of glasses.

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