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WILLIAM UTAMA is a contemporary fashion brand with strong artistic concepts which takes clothing to a new exciting level, creating ingenious garments with immense dedication to detail and attention to precision. Inspired by the rawness of street culture, rebellious yet evocative beauty, the brand seamlessly exudes effortless urban sophistication, vibrant modern spirit punctuated with edgy, pulsed and underlying hints of avant-garde design.
The world of WILLIAM UTAMA blends various eclectic contemporary influences with progressive ingenuity, balanced with cutting edge innovation, thus paying tribute to modernity. The brand pushes boundaries by playing with the beauty of the unconventional, without compromising on attention to traditional values. The designs are commercially driven yet artistically tenacious. WILLIAM UTAMA aspires to introduce a new way of creative expression through a trichotomy of traditional tailoring discipline, innovative yet delicate artisanal craftsmanship, pointing in a fresh and contemporary direction.
Each piece is a unique creation that has different characters and carries a distinctive message, combined to tell a complete story and aimed at creating a new, lasting aesthetic image of life.
WILLIAM UTAMA’s eponymous collections are dedicated to every individual who is or wants to be audaciously bold, sartorial, confident and empowered, and ultimately the best version of themselves. Neither their age nor occupation matters, but only their ability to comprehend clothing intellectually; they are the discerning and naturally savvy ones. Above all, attitude is everything.

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