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Brand WHAT ABOUT US tells us not about successful, powerful personalities, but about more common people. They are closer to the reality and try to survive in the constantly changing environment that is full of endless microchips, bar-codes, bills, penalties, tickets and passwords.
How do they adapt? How do they cope with the information vacuum which they are involved in. They are a little bit awkward, embarrassing, disperse people, who have already lost and dropped everything, being late to the last train and dressed in the in side out T-shirt, but keep on spending their day. They need an everyday camouflage, the clothes that is the most thought over with many pockets, hoods. It is a kind of combination of sports, works and military clothes. As for the base the kids clothes is taken. Most of clothes are genderless, include nano-technologies and textiles, can be worn on the wrong way round and seams are on the outside.

The question arises in the title and the answer can be in the process of research forever. Brand is looking forward to finding new tools, technologies, materials and cooperate with street art artists, photographers and stylists.

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