Wei Hung Chen

Black Sheep




new york / united states



Wei Hung’s interest in product design has allowed him to have a more calculative perspective and approach when it comes to designing garments. It has always been about tackling an existing issue, aim to magnify awareness and solve a problem. He approaches design by creating a system of making garments and constantly evolve the system to fit in the industry in terms of practicality. In his final year in Parsons, He has explored and developed a circular system of creating modularized garments that allow different components to travel across the whole collection. This system is an attempt to lengthen lifespan of garments and alter how a wardrobe functions. Alongside garments, he has also created accessories and products to complete this system. He has been chosen as one of the recipients for two sponsorships from Luxottica (eyewear) and Shoe polytechnic (Shoes) for his thesis accessories system. He is also a finalist for Eyes on Talent Award, Kering Empowering Imagination 5.0.

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