We are Kal

Black Sheep


leipzig / germany

We are KAL is a slow textile brand by a community of makers. The word kal is Hindi for both
‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’. It represents our deep interest in traditional Indian culture and
our approach to reinterpreting textile craft of the past to create a sustainable tomorrow. We
work in two regions in India where the loss of the value of their craft is leading towards a loss
of skill: Ladakh and Assam.
What characterizes our work is the deep involvement and transparency in every step of the
value chain of the product. From handpicking wool from nomadic community of Kharnak on
5000 meters high, to closely collaborating with the spinners, knitters and weavers to improve
quality and create new designs.
At We are KAL we highly value the uniqueness and timelessness of hand-made textiles and
encourage the longevity of its culture. We focus on sustainable and high quality materials,
our collection is characterized as minimal and effortlessly elegant.

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