Black Sheep


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wimbledon school of art

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Jewellery design is my communication with the world and my freedom. It is my way of creating art that is accessible and wearable and if the satisfaction and joy I get from the whole process has an effect on someone out there I am happy. My mother gave me a jewellery making set when I was a girl and since then it’s been something I’ve come back to at various times in my life.

I moved to London to study Fine Art, found my way into a career in filmmaking then realised I craved a creative outlet that I was in control of. So around four years ago I went for it, phasing out the career and gradually building my label WARE (after my name Emma Ware..).

A fundamental respect for the environment informs all aspects of my designing and inspiration. Four collections to date combine soft rubber reclaimed from bicycle inner tubes with new components. Now I'm working with leather and precious metals, evolving the aesthetic I have developed to design without boundaries. I make sculptural, bold, sensual, tactile adornment to wear with pride. I don't limit myself to someone else’s idea of what jewellery should be and I hope wearing my creations you will feel the freedom and excitement that I feel when designing. When someone puts on my work it feels like a collaboration, I love that they have curated their look wearing my designs in a way that is absolutely individual.

I am exploring the boundaries between sculpture, jewellery and garments and look forward to exhibiting pieces that haven’t found their way to being exhibited on the human form. These will be hanging sculptures, mobiles, artefacts, specimens. Also I’m playing with the way pieces can be worn, multi-way designs and pieces that can be worn separately or together, interplaying shapes that are more than the sum of it’s parts. The human form is an incredible showcase - a living, moving, interactive exhibition.

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