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Wan and Wong Fashion is a very personal fashion label founded in Spring 2013 in HK , by fashion designer Kelvin Wan and Joyce Wong.

Wan and Wong Fashion aim to establish a relationship with sustainable fashion.
We focuses on the combination of materials and the technique on textiles, meanwhile we always apply up-cycling skills on design to continuos develop . Each of our design are multi-functional and innovative.

We are always exploring our original concept in minimal style in fashion , Wan and Wong Fashion appreciates timeless design. Merging sustainable materials with good quality recycling potential fabrics and apply to the fashion outfits in style of classic and modern.

We pay attention to the details and layering , the wasted are ready to recreate in accessories and look unique .We pay attention on different technique on the sustainable fashion design , for example : up - cycling, zero-waste and reconstruction.

In our first collection, we apply 3 fabrics and at the same time some of them are fabric-waste , we use the way of recycling retains that those fabrics can mix and match in the 6 sets of clothing in the collection. The extra fabrics we use in the details of the design and the other also add into the accessories .

We are still working hard an paying more methods to develop the brand and collection.

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