Wàla Lab

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rome / italy


Isia Roma

Graduation year


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Wàla Lab clothes and accessories are multi functional, interactive, mutable and fun.
The chameleon-like clothes are easy-fitting and give an opportunity to change and reinvent yourself every day.
Wala Lab represents a modern, linear and deconstructed style committing minimal mood to an avant-garde aesthetic:
this union gives birth to innovative and fine tailored garments.
While clothes are designed, Wàla Lab do not focus only on the shape, but aim to reach a perfect synergy between shape and function.
The “up to date” silhouette are made of structural and determined lines that, thanks to an ingenious design solution.
Wàla Lab evolved around the concept that dressing is not just a matter of appearance but a real alchemy between dynamism, functionality and style.
A challenge with the classic prêt-à-porter that cages people in trends and strict rules.
Made in Italy plays a fundamental role in this “game”, especially where meticulous detailing,
a careful selection of raw materials, workmanship and innovative appearance are concerned.

Born in Rome, 21/02/1982. In 2007 she graduated from Industrial Design School, I.S.I.A, Rome. In the same years she did an internship at the design shoes studio.
From 2008 until 2011 she carried out researches on environmental sustainability applied to shoes.

Born in Rome, 12/06/1981. In 2007 she graduated from Industrial Design School, I.S.I.A, Rome. In the same year she did an internship at a company specialized
in designing and producing EVA. From 2008 until 2011 she has been working as graphic design consultant.