Grey Sheep


copenhagen / denmark


beckmans school of design

Graduation year


Wackerhaus was founded in 2003 by the young designer Trine Wackerhausen. Since its debut on to the Danish fashion scene, the brand has become a favourite with the style press and fashion-conscious followers. “To me fashion is art, but it is also important that my designs are wearable and practical. Of course, with a strong dash of refined and feminine elegance,” says Wackerhausen about her designs.
When asked to describe her signature style, Wackerhaus explains that her designs are not meant to be seasonal, but classic statements to be used across seasons. Her use of a dark and subtle colour palette fits perfectly with the idea of a timeless, modest and flawless style, and is at the same time a lovely canvas for colourful excesses. “My work is a delicate balance of playful extravaganza, soft femininity and strict simplicity. I strive towards making clothes that are both luxurious and comfortable”, says Wackerhausen. The result pleases both the precise and classic minimalist, as well as those into a more gentle feminine allure.

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