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The brand was founded in 2018 by its eponymous brand designer and owner Voranida Rujekitnara. With her ever growing passion for design and love for garments, Voranida has graduated with a distinction in Bachelor of Arts Fashion Design from Accademia Italiana. The designer soon went on to work for a couple of leading Thai fashion brands for two years during which she has come to realise the need for truly fine skills and deeper knowledge for creating a set of desirable collection. Voranida made her way to London to set out her passion and pursue her dreams by undertaking an MA in Fashion Design Technology Womenswear, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London, United Kingdom during which she has had the opportunity as one of the few selected candidates to work in a collaboration project between Fendi and Saga Furs Design Centre, Vedbaek, Denmark. Following her Masters degree, the designer has spent a time working for emerging fashion brands in London. Along the start up of the brand, her collection has been exhibited at Bangkok Design Week 2018 at Thailand Creative and Design CENTRE.

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