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Vols & Original is a fashion brand that reflects in its unique and distinctive way the passion for outwear that captures the ecstatic beauty of design and the vibration of music, creating space for others to express themselves in the most authentic way possible. Vols & Original is not just a brand but a place where creative flair of every collection is a tale of the two of us and how we see and feel the world. Each stitching is a memory of what was and a deep trust in what will be. A place of unlimited possibilities where past meets present giving birth to rich new ideas, that which is true and real. Crafted with love in every detail, each piece aims to be wearable art. It is a stand for freedom in its most visual form.

And yet, there is more to us than the above. Fashion gives us a creative outlet to revisit moments that shaped us and are close to our hearts. Creating our outwear allows us in a very special way to bring these moments back to life in the form of artful fashion pieces. There is the story behind each element of our designs, a story of our youth, upbringing, love for each other and passion for music.

Vols & Original is a fashion label but above all it is an expression of individuality and equality which we wish to share with the world.

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