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Founded in 2018 by Loukia Iliopoulou, Vitro Atelier is a new generation London brand that introduces wearable curios for the modern, daring woman who embraces unconventional materials and cutting edge techniques. The first SHADOW PLAYERS collection reinvents the classic clutch bag by introducing the idea of transparency, three-dimensionality, depth and play with light.

With patterns inspired by traditional and modern architecture, from wooden lattice screens in Kashmir to Art Deco railings in Paris and metallic lanterns in Morocco, each clutch is a show stopper looking different from each angle.

Coming from an architectural background, Loukia is a big supporter of the synergy between digital fabrication and fashion and she aspires creating unique objects-forms. High-precision laser cutters are used to engrave custom-made acrylic and each clutch is hand-assembled by talented makers in a fabrication lab in Athens, embracing the slow fashion approach.

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