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"Viola&Vesper"​ is an evening wear brand founded by business partners Ece Oney and Ozge Yenihayat in 2017.

Inspired by the idea of dressing up women who light up the room, Viola & Vesper prefers materials like sequins, silk velvets and satins, lurex, rhinestones, crystals and anything that comes with a sparkle. The soul of V&V is routed in the revolutionary and unconventional women of the roaring era of the nineteen-twenties. Hoping to reinstate that awe through their collections Viola & Vesper wishes to inspire women to once again be confident, elegant, gorgeous and in a way rebellious.

Viola & Vesper draws attention to the fact that women are a harmony of contradicting feelings that complement each other. Viola and Vesper are representations of contradicting feelings that are within every woman. Somedays one can be feeling like Viola, who is determined, a woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. Viola has a graceful elegance, her serenity is mystical and intriguing. And other days, one can feel like Vesper who is bold and free-spirited, she likes being spontaneous and she is always curious. Vespers enthusiastic spirit is irresistibly charming. These contrasting feelings come together to form the foundation of the Viola & Vesper brand.

Viola & Vesper is designed for unique, confident and spirited women, to enhance the glow that they already have…


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