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The Shanghai-born designer was once a trained dancer during his childhood, and worked as an I.T. Business consultant prior to his decision to study fashion design. Later Vincent Li studied fashion in Melbourne and Hong Kong, where he graduated in 2014. In 2013, Vincent Li took his internship at J.W.ANDERSON London.

The designer’s work is to combine different ethnic elements, and to juxtapose textures and materials. They often reflect East Asian aesthetics and philosophies. Rather than traditionally focus on details and textiles for most menswear products in the market, VINCENT LI brand focus on continuously bringing innovative ideas against conventional menswear silhouettes and shapes. It crafts silhouettes from rich textures and prints in a balanced color palette.

Vincent Li projects a quiet, shy vibrance with the poise of a dancer when you meet him. One will often know he’s about by his bright energy giving laughter. All and more of these qualities can be discovered in his clothing. He uses both the dark and light sides of the human condition mixing it with a hint of orientalism. He dislikes the literal, always seeking the intellectual viewpoint that translates into silhouettes that emphasize the theme of each collection. Vincent’s designs are a performance of shapes and colours that meld the conventional and unconventional into an understated artisanship through his signature prints he painstakingly develops.

He is a man who always looks ahead and never turns back, but also sees beauty in what has passed on. He is a person of many complex facets, on one hand expressing the enthusiastic innocence and joy of a child, but at other times can show deep and sometimes convoluted cerebral machinations of the adult, all this is reflected in the different pieces in each collection. Vincent revels in his oriental heritage but loves to meld this with the traditions of western forms in
clothing. Seeing and wearing his clothes is an adventure, possibly a hint of femininity but not losing its masculinity, it’s a bit of an experiment but most of all fun that uplifts one’s spirit and engenders awe in those looking at the wearer!

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