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Veronika Vimpelova is a BRUSSELS based fashion designer who has her roots in Czech Republic. Inspired by her grandmother who ran a bespoke fashion business, she decided to be part of this flamboyant industry and take on her journey with a fashion design degree at ESDEMGA, University of Vigo in Spain.
As one of the top students, Veronika was selected to showcase her graduate collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid in 2014.
This valuable experience led her to complete her professional training at McQ Alexander McQueen in London before she decided to start up her own business. This was when the label VIMPELOVA was born.

VIMPELOVA is a contemporary high-end fashion label based in London, UK.
It promotes a sustainable lifestyle for people who value quality and who search for one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate their inner values and individuality.
“ A timely undefined space where tradition meets modernity”
The designer’s roots have an important role in her designs. Each collection is inspired by the history of Czech Republic. Central European traditions, arts and design paired with a pulsing contemporary style in order to create a one of kind couture. This way, VIMPELOVA creates a whole new experience that allows consumers to feel their essence and true value in this often oversaturated world.
With more than five years of experience in the fashion industry, Veronika has a fundamental understanding of bringing an idea to life. From pattern cutting to the final product, this is quality at its core. Her collections acknowledge the wisdoms of the past in order to change the fashion future for the better.
VIMPELOVA values transparency. All materials sourced are from the UK/EU and made in Great Britain.

What sets VIMPELOVA apart from the crowd is the individual service and the personal touch that consumers can add to their product of desire. Hence materials, colours and shapes can be chosen individually. A tailor made service that underlines people’s one-of-a-kind spirit and celebrates their uniqueness

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