Vika Mayzel. Jewelry

Black Sheep


tel aviv / israel


shenkar college of engineering and design

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries

czech republic

Vika Mayzel is a young Israeli jewelry designer at the moment developing her own brand. Vika decided to establish her brand after graduation from jewelry design department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2015(Tel Aviv). Nevertheless, despite being a young brand,she has already been actively present on various international events during last year, such as London Design Festival, Autor - International contemporary jewelry fair in Bucharest or Prague design Week.
VikaMayzel.Jewelry offers contemporary unique jewelry made of silver. Her work is an exploration of materials and aesthetics in an compelling and new way.

Vika devoted over 10 years to fine and pictorial art and her jewelry is linked with artistic foundation in details, search of new forms and smoothness of the lines. This dialogue of jewelry and world of art is running continuously.
The jewelry is created to be both original detail or a strong statement for every look. One can notice some black color, or special connection knots and other details in yhese pieces, textures and also how smooth body is often complemented by geometric and sharps lines.

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