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VES•PER•TINE adj. 1) Activating, blossoming or flying in the evening.
Safety and style collide in the Haute Réflecture® eco-chic reflective fashion collection by Vespertine®. Designed to shine, made in NYC from sustainable tech fabrics, (like 100% recycled ECO poly, Oeko-Tex certified 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective material, and British Mohair), Vespertine supports local production and slow fashion.

The purpose of safety wear is to attract attention. Yet, ironically, traditional safety wear is not attractive. Employing the brightest reflective materials (not all reflective is created equal and yes, brightness matters), Vespertine NYC makes safe beautiful and fashion, a functional necessity.

Inspired by a vision of cycling nymphs in beautiful reflective wear illuminating Parisian streets like moving prayers for a better world, Designer/Founder Sarah Canner aims to empower more people to join the bike share and bikes for transportation movement.

But her designs aren't only for people who ride bicycles. They are for style stalkers to wear as they will, for what they will, and always #makeAseen. Lie on the couch, walk your dog, go to work, sip a drink at a bar, cross the street to your waiting car, finally, fashion can save your life.

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