Vesna Kolobaric

Grey Sheep


Djakovo / croatia


university of zagreb, ttf, croatia

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MULTIDISCIPLINARY PROFESSIONAL APPLIED and textile design, jewelry, digital art
has a degree in Textiles and Fashion Design from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb (1991). .
She has been making unique clothes, doing textile painting, patchwork, quilt, hand weaving, digital design and print, experimental techniques, textile sculptures, space and wall objects, makes silver jewellery and jewellery in soldering technique. She exhibits her work at the independent and group exhibitions in galleries, museums and at fashion shows in Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, the USA and Spain. She has worked for the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, for a number of years has organized cultural projects in Đakovo and has been awarded on different occasions for her artistic work.
In different cycles of her work she looks into how the psycho-social, economic and ecological influences shape the visual identity of a certain period of time and how the technological and scientific advances affect the use of material in art creation. All this has been expressed in her cycle of work “Panonian Games”, “Waiting for Godot”, “Timeless”, “Frontal Tam-Tam”, “Pillows”, The Smell of Burning” and so on.
Vesna Kolobarić is a member of the textile group of ULUPUH (The Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) and HZSU (Croatian Freelance Artists' Association).

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