Grey Sheep


las vegas / united states

Veronica Lopez born and raised in Los Angeles, California is a Master Occultist, Mind-Bending Illusionist, Creative Director, Fashion Designer, Jewelry Designer, and Visionary Artist, currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

PET PIGEONS® premiere boutique brand entered a 4-year hiatus returning May 2020 with a superconscious emphasis on form, the central focus of the feeling a human being gets from wearing something powerful. The brand is deeply rooted in expanding human consciousness. Each piece represents mental strength, and synchronization of body, mind and soul.

PROJECT 3040 is a Bird's Eye View of the Metagalaxy Universal Center. The artwork series features multiple segments assessing the human psyche through pattern recognition. Each drawing introduces intricate formulations of self-integration through existential analytical psychotherapy using visual-perceptual and spatial intelligence processing.

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